About us

We Are Athlete Nutrition Coach

Athlete Nutrition Coach  (A Nadura Company) is a leading performance nutrition and athlete functional testing company with specialist, individualised performance nutrition programmes which include

Doctor Approved 

All of the specific programmes on Athlete Coach have been tested with elite or professional athletes or medical professionals.

Leading The Way In Functional Testing For Athletes

We are leading the way and inform our nutrition programmes with cutting edge digestive, genetic & hormonal functional laboratory analysis from many of the globe’s top labs.  

The Lab

The level of attention to detail in this sports nutrition and functional testing clinic is beyond impressive. The hunger for training, knowledge and cutting edge science Lee and his team of nutritionists at Athlete Nutrition Coach have is another level. It’s easy to see why he has such a high calibre of international, world and olympic athlete who trust him and his team implicitly, and rely so heavily on the standards he sets for his clinic.


Dr.  Shania Seeber Nordic Laboratories