Announcing the Official Launch of Athlete Nutrition Coach Powered by The Nadura Clinic

We are excited to finally announce the machine and brainchild behind Athlete Nutrition Coach, our parent company The Nadura Clinic 

The Nadura Clinic offers a clinical, functional and evidence-based approach to nutrition and human performance. Over years of experience,  the clinic has worked with many of the top endurance performance athletes with great success. Athletes range from amateur right up to world champion medalists and Olympians.  

The Nadura Clinic collaborates with several leading endurance coaches, sports scientists, physiotherapists, physiologists and works directly with the world’s most advanced functional testing labs. 

Informed with the latest cutting-edge data they collaborate with leading experts to offer the very latest science to practice functional testing to help client’s reach optimum health, wellness & high performance.

Functional Testing For the Nadura Clinic and Athlete Nutrition Coach

The Nadura Clinic provides world-class functional testing from bloods, hormones, and gastrointestinal analysis and we are in the unique position to offer their services and experience to our athletes here at Athlete Nutrition Coach.

Examples of functional testing?

Our athletes now have the ability to see a complete picture of their gut health with stool analysis via GI mapping. What does your microbiome look like or are you harboring bacteria or pathogens which could be causing your digestive issues.

Also, testing can help understand how endocrine functionality could be contributing to hormonal imbalances observed via DUTCH testing. Why are you struggling to sleep and yet feel tired throughout the day. Or are your male/female reproductive hormones out of sync? 

Who will benefit from functional testing?

If you have been struggling with any of the following after trying multiple solutions then functional testing could give you the answers you are looking for

  • Fatigue
  • Digestive Issues, IBS/IBD
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Menstrual Cycle irregularities
  • Low Testosterone
  • Low Libido
  • Immune Suppression
  • Poor Sleep
  • Recurrent Injury and illness
  • Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety

What tests are available?

  • GI Map – The gold standard in digestive analysis
  • DUTCH – Male & female athlete specific hormone analysis
  • OAT – Organic Acids
  • SIBO – Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth
  • DNA – Athlete genetic testing
  • Bloods – Analysis of blood profiles relative to the athlete
  • FEBS – Bloods specifically for symptoms of anxiety & depression

Clients of Athlete Nutrition Coach will be offered discounted testing and the ability to integrate their treatment through our Endurance Performance Nutrition programs.

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