Client Testimonial – Marie-Louise Hartz

One of our most powerful female testimonials yet.

About 90% of new athletes we take on board are under-fuelling their training and racing. Either intentionally because they think it’s a good way to shed body weight. Or accidentally because they simply don’t know how to fuel the session. 

But what happens when they understand:

  1. How quickly the body can run through its fuel tanks,
  2. How much fuel we need to take on board during the event
  3. How to nail recovery between training and race days?

Danish elite cyclist, Marie-Louise, was no different when she started out. Tonnes of power but fatigue hitting hard during training and racing. As soon as we shifted the focus away from body composition and focused on optimum fuelling everything fell into place:

“I definitely see and feel the results of the Athlete Nutrition Coach plan. I’ve had new all-time PB’s, podium spots and a very good feeling on the bike. 

But the best thing is definitely the confidence I’m having in my fuel before every race. Recently I did 5 stages in 3 days and even on the last stage I managed to do one of my best 1 min PBs this year

I felt really good and fresh in every single race, I got in an all day breakaway two days in a row on the hilly stages. That meant that I won one stage and the overall GC.

So thank you so much! I could not have done it without your help!”

We can’t wait to see what’s next from this Danish powerhouse – and her fantastic team-mates.

Marie-Louise in the leaders jersey with Team ABC teammates

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