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I have been working with Performance Nutritionist Lee Compton since 2018. Lee has been assisting some of my athletes with their dietary preparation, body composition and functional testing in the lead up to major events. I can only say that the improvement in some of my athletes has been excellent. They are leaner, stronger and more efficient as athletes as a result of his performance interventions 

Barry Monaghan Performance ‘

I’ve worked closely with Athlete Nutrition Coach for a few years now, the service they provide to athletes is absolutely game changing. The immediate improvement I see from my athletes when they work with Athlete Nutrition Coach is phenomenal, their tailored nutrition plans, fuelling strategy’s, supplements and functional testing programmes instantly unlock huge performance gains. This allows my athletes to train harder for longer, recover quicker, all while losing body fat and gaining muscle. The help they get in the lead up to key events and fuelling strategies leave no stone unturned and the results don’t lie. As a coach I always recommend Athlete Nutrition Coach to my new athletes 

Matthew Teggart – Ex international cyclist & Head Coach at MNT Coaching.

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