Best Racing Season Yet for U23 Cyclist Gaby Homer

Working with Athlete Nutrition Coach has helped me unlock some strength that I didn’t know I had

We’ve been working very closely with U23 UCI Rider Gaby Homer since she completed a Dietary Analysis earlier this year. Straight away we knew she had huge potential but had a lot of work to iron out some mistakes.

“I found that I was experiencing/developing various food intolerances. What I had been able to eat on a regular basis was now upsetting my digestive system”

Gaby was clocking up some huge miles early this year in preparation for her UCI season with 5 hour rides commonplace. But dealing with digestive issue like reflux and bloating were really getting in the way.

“For me it’s not been a quick fix, and digestion on the bike is something I’ve always struggled with. Working with Ellen week on week has allowed me to strip back to basics and reset. Now I have figured out what foods to avoid and what works well for me The adaptations I have made have improved my performance massively.

Latest Results

4th at the British Universities Colleges Sport 25mile TT

2nd at Farnham Open 25mile TT (a 4-minute improvement on my BUCS time)

25th (out of 140) at the British National Series – Women’s CiCLE Classic

After suffering a wrist injury during her first UCI race of the season we really needed to dial in Gaby’s supplements to speed up her recovery from soft tissue damage. After getting battered around the gravel sectors at the Women’s CiCLE Classic and a stormer of a result in 25th we think it’s going well!

I started using Perfect Amino tablets to aid my post-ride recovery; these are dairy, gluten and soya free so work perfectly for me! ANC recommended I took a multi-collagen supplement and to increase my omega-3 intake to aid and speed up my soft tissue damage recovery.

Our recommendations are always individualised to the athlete and we work closely with our partners at FX supplements to provide the highest quality, evidenced based supplements for our athletes.