Cycling Specific Performance Nutrition

With Ellen Mc Dermott

Cycling Specific Performance Nutrition

Road Biking Specific Performance Nutrition 

“The Bike” is arguably our biggest passion here at Athlete Nutrition Coach and certainly where we have seen our approach make the greatest gains.

With such a huge emphasis on training plans and cycling coaches we were amazed to see how many cyclists leave their nutrition on the back burner. It’s well known that World Tour cycling teams bring along their own chefs to stage races to provide the very best nutrition to their athletes. The understanding is there that what you put into your mouth, you get out. The only problem is that there is too much conflicting information out there that athletes are just as confused if not more than ever before.

What can Our Program Help With?

We have identified common issues with cyclists coming on-board which our virtual program will give you the know-how to resolve:

  • Difficulties with fueling on the bike
  • Digestive distress due to compromised gut health
  • Regular sickness and taking longer to recover from illness
  • Body composition discrepancies – increasing body fat despite higher training loads or losing lean muscle mass due to an incorrect weight loss regime
  • Poor sleep and recovery leading to flat days on the bike
  • Confusion over optimum recovery nutrition
  • Not knowing what to eat on race day especially when dealing with nerves
  • Dependency or the fear of counting calories without an understanding of nutrients

We’ve also teamed up with Irish Crit Champ and UCI level rider Ellen McDermott and UCI Pro Conti Rider Will Brown to bring you further tips and tricks throughout the program. We’ll also have medical doctor, Dr. Finbar McGrady, to give you biohacking insights and test data on a variety of supplements

Content you’ll get from our collaboration with these international riders:

  • Tips on equipment to help you go fast for free
  • Strength and conditioning plans
  • Winter training tips and plans
  • Evidenced based supplement protocols
  • How to effectively work with and regulate your hormones (for males and females)


“I thought my nutrition was OK but when I look back now with the knowledge I have I think to myself – what were you doing?! I had notorious digestive issues that were wiping me out on the bike and my race-day prep would have me so stressed. Supplements and cycling specific ergogenic aids were a complete minefield and my protocol was so haphazard. Now I don’t even have to think about what meals will support my training, and I have none of the stress planning for race day fuel. To top it all off I made some huge improvements to my power PB’s throughout the season with the help of the recommended supplements.” Ellen McDermott 

Join countless athletes who utilise this approach to nutrition and take control of your performance

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