DNA Lab Analysis

DNA Lab Test For Athletes:


The explosion in sports genomics research has revealed multiple connections between genetic variants and trainability. To fulfil your athletic potential it is imperative to make appropriate choices that best match your unique genetic makeup. This pioneering genetic service provides you with the specific knowledge to make exercise, nutritional and lifestyle choices that best suit your individual needs and accurate data that will inform, optimise and personalise your training regime within your chosen sport.

The DNA Active test looks at various different biological areas that relate to sporting performance. Insight into these areas can be used to personalise your training schedule in order to gain as much as possible from your training sessions, reduce injury risk while maximising results.

What does this test look at

Injury Susceptibility | Inflammation | Oxidative Stress |Blood Flow & Respiration | Effect Of Caffeine For Sport | Energy & Fuel During Exercise | Musculoskeletal Properties | Response To Power Or Endurance |Threshold Heart Rate Training Zones |Sodium Need & Sensitivity |Peak Training Time|

Why choose our DNA based testing?

Nordic laboratories and DNA life, are continuously developing new tests with the highest standards of scientific rigour. Their commitment to ensuring the ethical and appropriate use of genetic tests in practice means that gene variants are only included in panels once there is sound motivation for their clinical utility and their impact on health outcomes.

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