HYROX Performance Nutrition

Athlete Nutrition Coach

Fuelling Hyrox Beast MODE

We fuel some of the globes leading HYROX athletes here at the clinic. With a state of the art & dedicated HYROX facility on the premises here in Gymtech, Newry we see first-hand why this sport is taking the world by storm.

Next Generation Collaboration

Athlete Nutrition Coach | Gymtech Performance Lab | FX Supplements Europe | 

Our Hyrox nutritionist is a fully certified Hyrox coach testing and fuelling some of the globes leading HYROX athletes (such as Tom & Dena Hogan) in collaboration with some of the very best trainers and staff at the highly regarded Gymtech Performance Lab. This collaboration is completed by the addition of one of Europe’s leading supplement companies. FX supplements who provide the Hyrox athletes with the renowned products that need no introduction Perfect Amino | Lactigo | CreGAAtine |Cordysin Sport | which is all available on-site at the facility and online via the website.  


Hyrox Performance Nutrition

Our three phase Hyrox nutrition fuelling and performance testing strategy will deliver a stronger, faster and leaner version of you to the Hyrox line. This is not a diet plan, this is fuelling HYROX BEAST MODE 

Will it make a difference?

Not only will it make a difference? But we will track and prove the concept. Not only will you improve but you will know exactly where you have improved and how to  further progress “education, not motivation”.

Informed By Science, Proven on Podiums.

We are heavy on the science and trust in this collaboration that we have built with GYMTECH performance lab. In building this programme we worked closely with two of the most recognisable names in HYROX Global Tom & Dena Hogan. 

We are confident that we will develop more and more elite level Hyrox athletes in Ireland and achieve our goals of multiple world record holders/champions across all age groups. 

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