MTB Performance & Conditioning

With Killian Callaghan

Fuelling Performance, Strength & Conditioning and Ride Pro Tips

With World Champion Killian Callaghan  

We aren’t going to pretend that nutrition is on the top of your list as a mountain biker, and let’s be honest why would it be! All you’re thinking about is getting out on the trails, riding faster and for longer, hitting big gaps and railing turns. But there’s definitely more and more mountain bikers at the top of their game who have realised the importance of what they put in their mouths.

If you’re reading this you’ve definitely thought there are improvements you can make to what you eat. We’ll show you how simple planning ahead can make the difference between feeling wiped out after a short spin at the bike park to having the energy to ride laps all day long with your friends.

Not only will your endurance improve, you’ll see a huge increase in concentration and your on bike speed will get faster.

Welcome to Mountain Biking performance & conditioning for Enduro, Down Hill & XC mountain bikers. This program is proven with some of the best elite mountain bike riders in the world.

What can our program help with?

We’ve worked with bikers who have had issues with some of the following:

  • Underfueling long days at the trails and making stupid mistakes due to fatigue
  • Confusion over what is the best recovery nutrition
  • Unsure about what a balanced meal or snack looks like
  • Constantly snacking on sugary foods
  • Digestive issues from eating the wrong type of foods at the wrong time
  • Difficulty planning meals and sticking to it
  • Inability to shed excess body fat and gain lean muscle despite all the training

We Are Athlete Nutrition Coach

Not only will our virtual Athlete Nutrition Coach program resolve each and every one of those issues we’ve got something even more exciting to offer athletes on the Mountain Biking Program. We’ve enlisted the expertise of World Champion, Killian Callaghan, to bring you training and technical tips that will further enhance your performance. Here’s some of the content you can expect


  • Cornering and jumping skills
  • Riding different terrain
  • Planning your training schedule to include gym sessions and endurance training
  • MTB specific core and gym programs
  • Equipment choices for tyres and kit
  • Killian’s personal supplement regime for on and off season

Why does Killian back this process and what does he say about our model?

“There’s so much noise online about fad diets so i’m really grateful to have worked with a performance nutritionist to make sense of it all and make massive gains. That’s why I was  excited to partner with Athlete Nutrition Coach to bring their model of fueling to mountain bikers of all abilities. They make it all so simple with sample meal plans telling you exactly what to eat and when with fool-proof recipes even I can follow. And I’ll give you the data on the performance supplement protocol I use to optimise my gains”  Killian Callaghan