Nutrition first principle

“It all starts with the food you put in your mouth” Curtis Mitchell

After years of working with athletes from all types of sports, from amateur to professional, we still see poor nutrition as the biggest contribution to a lack luster performance on race-day. Cyclists will have shaved their legs and bought all the latest aero gear,  triathletes will have booked their next iron man and paid for the coach, runners will take gels for the first time at a marathon having never used them before – and they all wonder why their performance suffers on race day? It takes planning but when you get your nutrition right you won’t spoil all your  efforts when it comes to race day because you ate out a greasy spoon the night before.

Our Nutrition First Principle allows the athlete to understand the performance benefit of real food and how fueling correctly will allow you to reach your body composition goals without suffering from repeated illnesses due to immune suppression. No more of the dreaded bonk after the 89th kilometer and no running to the portaloo when you’re supposed to be at the start line.

Nutrition doesn’t need to be the last step in your progression and with our approach at Athlete Nutrition Coach it will be the most effective upgrade package you’ll ever see. We ensure all our athletes receive and implement the highest quality science backed data. More importantly, it’s easy to understand and sustainable all while allowing you to enjoy life outside of training and competition.

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