Athlete Nutrition Coach secures the expertise of David Roche as Lead Sports Medicine Consultant on the Return To Performance Program

As well as medical doctor approval and the services of our highly experienced team of specialist nutritionists we are delighted to announce we have brought on board  David Roche MSc, Pg, Dip, BSc, SEM, GSR, HNC ,DSM , from the award winning Roche Injury Clinic as Lead Sports Medicine Consultant on the “return to performance” programme here at Athlete Nutrition Coach.

We only wanted to proceed with the design of this programme “Back To Performance” if we could have the very best clinical and science and evidenced based partner. We approached the Roche Injury Clinic and this was the beginning of this specialist collaboration between our leading nutritionists at Athlete Nutrition Coach and the Internationally acclaimed Roche clinic.

Passionate about enabling everyone to get back to sport and activity no matter what the level

One of the questions we are always asked is “Do you deal with all level athletes? And of course the answer is yes and this is what this specific programme is about

What is the “back to performance” programme


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Some walks you have to make on your own in the sports performance world. The journey from injury, autoimmunity, illness, post pregnancy, career time investment, retirement from one sport and transitioning to another or just trying to get out of a rut and get back to performance at any level can be a lonely one, but this is not one of those times.

Do you suffer with or have?

  • Pain from high training loads
  • Poor recovery & excessive DOMS
  • Performing at a level not reflected by your input in training
  • Inconsistent performance levels during events
  • Problems from an old injury flaring up and inhibiting progression
  • Joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stiffness
  • Poor mobility and flexibility
  • Wake up extremely stiff
  • Headache or migraine
  • Inflammatory skin eruptions
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Autoimmunity or skin conditions
  • Digestive symptoms
  • Lack direction and motivation
  • Or a combination of many of the above

Are you totally confused by all of the advice that’s out there, and none of which works for you? We understand it can cost thousands per year to put a team around you, not anymore. This ground breaking nutrition app brings together our two international acclaimed clinics to support you the moment you need us, all at your fingertips!!

The back to performance plan is just for you, So what do you get

We introduce the most comprehensive “return to performance” solution available across the globe. It’s online and support is in your pocket 24 hours a day via our Athlete Nutrition Coach app. This app which makes compliance to this programme so,so simple. Our two power house brands combined to deliver a total solution that will enable the client to manage the body from the inside out and manage symptoms of inflammation and pain over three simple phases

P1 – Weeks 1-4 Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Digestive Rest

P2 – Weeks 4-8 Introduction Of Metabolic Flexibility & Nutrient Timing

P3 – Week 8-12 Progression to performance

Nutrition Pro Coach’s return to performance programme is a fully individualised doctor approved education programme. The programme offers simple practical application using a number of proven science and evidence-based principles. It is designed by qualified nutritionists, leading physio therapists is medical doctor approved and is tested with great success on professional international athletes.

These interventions incorporate Nutritional & structural protocols in a clear and concise, practical online platform. Together with downloadable supporting material, this virtual platform provides a team of nutritionists and physios who offer real-time tracking and monitoring. The three month plan offer’s full support including;

  • All programme’s designed by leading nutritionists, medical doctor and award winning physiotherapists, proven and tested on elite and international athletes.
  • Nutrition Pro Coach is a three month fully supported educational solution for a once off fee.
  • Programmes include nutrition for improved sporting performance, injury prevention, pain and inflammation management, weigh management and energy availability individualised for the athlete’s needs.
  • The Athlete Nutrition Coach app has full integration with Fitbit or apple health devises
  • The programme is delivered via the Athlete Nutrition Coach App with supporting documentation, pro tips from pro athletes and video links delivered directly to your device targeted uniquely at individual sports including triathlon, cycling, running, mountain biking and our hugely popular return to performance
  • The app contains multiple key educational video from our in-house medical doctor, nutritionists and other specialist collaborators outlining key elements of the app protocols and advise on pro tips  
  • The app uses our innovative colour coded meal plans to make nutrient timing simple this allows you to choose the right foods at the right times based on your activity levels.
  • The app allows you to track a wide range physical health parameters including weight, waist, body fat index, blood pressure, urine PH, Ketones, pain index monitor, bowel elimination, sleeps, bloods glucose, temperature and meditation depending on what you currently monitor with your coach or GP
  • Digestive monitoring health correction, poor gut health is scientifically associated with inflammation and pain
  • Hydration tracking and monitoring
  • Menus & shopping lists with easy to prep recipes
  • Recovery and meditation and stress management
  • Track & report on your condition and gains
  • Downloadable material for education and to individualise your plan
  • In app messenger and image transfer of meals and injury to assess progression.
  • Motivation reminders to improve engagement and compliance for our clients.
  • Pro tips directly from the qualified nutritionists, physios and a medical doctor

This plan is launching June 20th 2020