Our Partnership With Elite Athlete & Medical Doctor Finbar. Mc Grady


2016 Lisbon, ETU Triathlon Age Group, European Championships Sprint – Position 2nd
2018 Glasgow, ETU Triathlon Age Group, European Championships Sprint – Position 3rd
2018 Triathlon Ireland, National Triathlon Series – Position Age Group 1st & 2nd Overall
2019 Weert, ETU Triathlon Age Group, European Championships Standard 3rd

The team at Athlete Nutrition Coach are delighted to bring onboard one of our long term athletes to share his performance nutrition program, training tips and trick and professional knowledge in medical health.

Finbar has been a doctor since 1999, working in many specialties, before settling on General Practice. He now specialises in Dermatology, General Practice and Clinical Teaching… “I love the variety these three jobs give me; it’s a bit like triathlon, 3 jobs in one!”.

Taking up triathlon at the age of 39, Finbar thought it would be a good way to get fit, lose weight and improve his mental health; this despite not having done any sport in 15years. He rapidly became fascinated by the training and the physiological changes he was experiencing, losing 20kg in weight and gaining a new appetite for life after working closely with the Athlete Nutrition Coach Team and his coach Barry Monaghan.

“Performance nutrition provides my body with the raw materials in order to function normally under periods of intense activity. Without adequate nutrition, this physical activity can lead to abnormal function. It is well substantiated in research and literature that the food we consume does not only affect our health, but also directly influence performance, for better or for worse.

I use a model of fueling called “metabolic flexibility”. The ability to burn fat when I need to so I can stay super lean, and burn stored glycogen (stored carbohydrates) when I need them for intensity. As well as being able to switch between both as required.

Lee, my nutritionist introduced me to this fantastic concept and he says “it’s not the food but the nutrient timing of the food and its effect at the level of the hormone”, especially testosterone, cortisol and of course insulin. He uses a phrase coined by Dr. J Morton “Fuel for the work required”

This model has allowed me to teach my body to use different fuel sources based on the training load, training time, intensity and when I need to be ready to train again, so I’m recovered and re-loaded.

I have gained much from this model of performance nutrition and nutrient timing, in terms of body composition, performance and international results which has not only enabled me to reach the heights I’ve achieved but enabled me to maintain and sustain it throughout the year.

I was compelled to help others and jumped at the opportunity to help Athlete Nutrition Coach deliver my program to competitive and recreational athletes alike.

Dr. Finbar Mc Grady #TRIDOC