Running & ULTRA Specific Performance Nutrition With Anthony Kunkel

Running Specific Performance Nutrition & Fueling With Anthony Kunkel

Welcome to our professional collaboration with  2 time USA Ultra Running Champion Anthony Kunkel.

Anthony is also 50 mile and 100k road national champ (USATF)

As a team USA runner he has podiums and wins over snowshoeing, trail running, road running and even sky running. More importantly he is a complete student of the sport and the human body. 

In the last number of years we have seen runners become substantially more concerned their performance nutrition and how it will elevate performance.

Athletes who completed this plan used to suffer from many of the following symptoms

  • Digestive issues
  • Regular sickness and immune suppression
  • Want to lean how to achieve ketosis performance safely
  • Fatigue and sub optimum performance
  • Increased body fat and weight gain even while exercising (common fixable issues)
  • Losing lean muscle mass not body fat
  • Insufficient gains in relation to training implemented
  • Training well but poor mood and home life
  • Recurrent injury and inflammation
  • Poor sleep and recovery
  • Pre event anxiety

What you get from this programme

Learn how to cut weight (from fat, not muscle) effectively for the road and track while improving your power to weight ratio

Understand the concept of the “Metabolic Flexibility” principle that is used by some of the very best endurance athletes in the world.

Reducing the effect of insulin and blood sugar imbalance that cause sugar cravings and in-turn fat storage 

Learn how to expertly fuel on rest days vs training days and how to fuel those double days in the gym and on the road.

Race day fueling for competition making sure you remove those FLAT days on the road

Understanding how to effectively consume carbohydrates, fiber and salts and how they effect weight  

Add an effective recovery protocol to your training plan from a biochemical stand point so you can too, recover like a boss

You’ll also get some key bio hack tips from Anthony Kunkel on how you can hack the body to do what it’s not able to do by itself (how the pros make gains)

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