Testimonial – Paul Eivers – Professional Golfer (PGA Ireland)

We’ve been working closely with Paul Eivers – member of the Professional Golfers Association of Ireland and are delighted to bring you details of his Golf Specific Performance Nutrition with our Managing Director & Human Performance Nutritionist, Lee Compton

Client Testimonial – Paul Eivers

Late last year I felt there was something missing from my performance, energy levels and focus on the golf course. I was referred to Lee at Athlete Nutrition Coach after I’d seen him work with other professional golfers both in Ireland and the USA with great results. 

We began by assessing;  

  • Golf specific performance fueling demands
  • Blood sugar balance via CGM (continuous blood glucose monitor)
  • Professional body composition analysis 
  • Pre and on-course nutrient timing and volume  

Initial assessment

Before I began my plan there was a period of assessment to ascertain the current level and challenges to both performance and improvements on the golf course. I liked this element of the programme as he wanted to give me an exact baseline so I could clearly see where the improvement was coming from in all aspects of my performance. 

In the clinic, I had professional dietary analysis reports and detailed body composition analysis.

On course energy status

To assess my performance on the course in early October 2021, Lee had me wear a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) during my round at the Moran Cup at Royal County Dublin golf course on the 11th of October. This was to assess my pre, during, and post-fuelling strategy and the subsequent effect on focus, performance and most of all my game.

What did the data tell us?

My round was solid but when he extrapolated the data, we observed that my drop in blood glucose after 12 holes correlated with a decrease in performance on my scorecard. This was when I knew there were substantial performance benefits both on and off the course. I applied the principles from my consultation and after less than 6 weeks on the plan, I played Adare Manor on the 29th of November shooting 5 under par and making 8 birdies (my most ever on course in one round).

Changes in body composition.

I know I am a work in progress, but I have seen a substantial improvement in so many areas. At my latest assessment, I am down 7.7 kgs in weight and down 7.4% body fat, and up 1kg of lean muscle (February ‘22). My hydration stats and blood glucose balance are substantially improved and I am looking forward to improving my performance and order of merit ranking for 2022. 

I would highly recommend this clinic to any-one looking to improve their on and off course performance

Paul Eivers – Professional Golfer (PGA of Ireland)

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