The Harsh Truths of Under-Fueling

Telling any athlete that they are under-fueling for the demands of their training can be a genuine battle against years of self criticism, ill placed advice and social media.

We’re constantly working with athletes who 

  • Have followed an online diet and can’t understand why their training is suffering
  • Refuse to eat after training to avoid putting back on burnt calories. 
  • And the latest one from our Zwift competitors – dehydrating themselves before the dreaded weigh-in.

Mily Knight is one of those cyclists who’s been pedaling from a very young age and was enjoying the sport for what it was – immense fun. Fast forward a few short years into the Junior ranks and things began to change. 

Richard Night Photography

When we began working with Mily she’d fallen victim to the belief that more emphasis should be put on lowering body weight in order to improve as a cyclist.

“Safe to say I have experienced and have heard comments about size and food choices being said to other young girls in the sport. Without even knowing it I can now see that over time, they had a negative effect on me and how I felt about myself, and some of the choices I would make. 

Soon they were affecting my sub conscious choices. For example, I would have water and lemon at school for lunch instead of food, I would not eat properly after a race or training so as not to put back burnt off calories.”

She was just a junior at the time and even now at just 20 she has some important words for young athletes – male and female

“It is important that these conversations about food and weight happen, but in an educational way that does not shame someone about how they are built, we are all different and that is ok. 

When I sit on the start line in Belgium, I look around at the peloton and it’s made up of all shapes and sizes, all fit, all strong, all fantastic athletes. 

I wish I could tell my younger self to not be so hung up on weight and the way you looked, enjoy it for what it is, as you will get to 20 and realise you were worrying for nothing. “

Paul Hinninck

Throughout the process Mily has learned how to organise her nutrition around her busy work and training schedule. Our online planner via SENPRO has been a key player in scheduling her meals and supplements depending on the type of day, style of training and upcoming races.

ALso our partners at FX Supplements have provided her with the worlds leading protein supplement in the form of Perfect Amino. Check out her video here

Mily has been having a stormer of a season so far. Never out of the top 5 at the Bovington Bomber Crit Series and recently set a Course Record at her club TT.

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