Tim Walton- Elite Triathlete and Self Professed 1%’er

Testimonial while on the Athlete Nutrition Coach Endurance Nutrition Program

I was introduced to the Athlete Nutrition Coach team via Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching webinar. As a self-professed 1%’er I was intrigued to hear things I didn’t know about it just a 15-minute mini lecture.  

My background is in elite sport, playing water polo for GB as an U18 and sailing at both youth and Olympic level throughout my teens. I thought I already knew most of it but Ellen spent well over the allotted 60min initial screening identifying my “unknown unknowns”. During my time on the program we put together a plan around my three typical workout days; 

  1. morning training
  2. double day
  3. high volume training day.

We also identified that what I was eating was nowhere near enough the amount of calories needed to support the energy I was expending, which was leading to snacking and inconsistency or short term burn out at the end of a block. 

Understanding the why.

In the first month I had some key takeaways and habits in place to help fuel recovery and long endurance days. Although learning these habits was great, where the true value lies is through learning to understand “the why”. 

Through understanding the why, I was able to build a more holistic understanding of my nutrition plan. This is and will continue to be key in making the right nutrition choices irrespective of what my calendar looks like from one day to the next. 

The education piece has been integral in giving me the tools to make sustainable nutrition choices when I don’t have the time or will power to think about it. It has become second nature. 

Identifying my weaknesses.

The other thing we identified was a potential weakness in my metabolic flexibility, i.e. what fuel my body can use when. Something that as a power athlete growing up, I had never come across. Ellen has now given me the knowledge to periodize my nutrition to build on that area of weakness.

What about the process?

I am inspired by the scientific approach you use. It resonated with me well and reminded me of the sports doctors in my past life. I like that your business model is pushing the boundaries and encouraging disruption  

The process requires testing because each athlete is different. There isn’t a “one size fits all”. I really appreciated you voicing this and when we were on the VC I could see the cogs spinning. It’s solving an active problem that keeps on changing, is super exciting and interesting and you show that passion 

Giving me the tools for my own learning – from giving me the tools over me just following a plan I felt more accountable and committed to the changes because I understood why. Maybe not everyone thinks this way but I certainly do and you’re clearly educated to know the technical but savvy enough to articulate it in layman’s terms.

We’re excited to see how these basic changes will influence Tim’s training program and future results.