Track Nutrition

With Curtis MitchelL

"Fuel The Beast" with World Track Medalist Curtis Mitchell

Athlete Nutrition Coach Track & Field Specific Nutrition is a fully individualised doctor approved nutritional education programme. The programme offers simple practical application using a number of proven science and evidence based principles. It is designed by qualified nutritionists, is medical doctor approved and is tested with great success on team USA world bronze medalist Curtis Mitchell. 

This model of nutrition is successfully used by thousands of elite athletes across the globe and is now available to you.

“Its not good enough to do your best, you need to know what to do and then do your best” Athlete Nutrition Coach

Begin your journey with World Bronze Medalist Curtis Mitchell from team USA & the team at Athlete Nutrition Coach. 

“My role as an athlete, role model and educator. I’m thankful for my God given talent and I passionate about giving back to those who have supported me”  Curtis Mitchell 

With this programme you also get some key bio hack tips from Curtis on how you can hack the body to do what it’s not able to do by itself or simply put “how we, the pros make gains” Curtis Mitchell 

Athletes who completed this plan “used” to suffer from many of the following symptoms

  • Digestive issues
  • Regular sickness and immune suppression
  • Fatigue and sub optimum performance
  • Increased body fat and weight gain even while exercising (common fixable issues)
  • Losing lean muscle mass not body fat
  • Insufficient gains in relation to training implemented
  • Not looking or feeling like an athlete despite a massive effort
  • Training well but poor mood and home life
  • Recurrent injury and inflammation
  • Poor sleep and recovery
  • Pre event anxiety, Leaving all your good sessions in training with failure to produce on the day

The Results Speak For Themselves – Athlete Nutrition Coach 

I reacted so well to this model of nutrition and seen results really fast, with my help so can you – Curtis Mitchell World Bronze Medalist Team USA 

What can I say, the results are in the numbers and it worked exceptionally well along side Curtis’s conditioning plan  – David Roche Head Of Sports Medicine for Curtis Mitchell