Training and Nutrition Around your Menstrual Cycle

Why is it so important to start tracking your cycle?

We track everything else in our lives – steps, heart rate, elevation – why not include your menstrual cycle? It’s the number one enquiry we get from female athletes who struggle to manage training load and recovery around fluctuating hormones. The problem is the vast majority have no idea what’s going on and what to do about it.

Which is why we’ve developed a program specifically designed for athletic females who want to tap into these hidden gains and figure out how to function optimally at a time when before they’d want to curl up in bed.

We’ve had some hugely exciting results from female endurance athletes who have been able to put this program into practice. They get so excited about their “super human” week that they actually feel sorry for the guys missing out!

Women’s Tour of Flanders 2021

The key to the entire process is to know that each female will be different but on this program you’ll learn

When to load up and when to back-off.

Why fueling up on carbohydrates will be key at certain points

When hydration and sodium will make the difference between a recovery session feeling easy and like torture

When it is critical to get high quality protein in

When you’re more at risk from injury

The startling fact is not enough athletes realise the importance of a regular cycle. Too often young girls are being told that a missed period is normal. Some are being prescribed hormonal contraception for treatment of migraines or even acne! We’re on a mission to challenge that practice and educate more females in what they’re missing out on!

Testimonials of athletes who have followed the program

Here’s what some of our international riders had to say about how this program has empowered them to get the most out of their training.

“All I had to do was keep a record of how I felt during training for 2 months to see that it followed a beautiful pattern and I’ve learned now that that pattern encompasses my menstrual cycle. With the help of that knowledge I can adapt my training and nutrition around my cycle and utilize all the peaks and troughs to make performance gains.

I got my period back after not having it for a looong time! We think that my body has been “saving the energy of having a period” before because it was in too much stress, but now its better and I have the right balance in my body so the cycle is back. And that is amazing! Its not normal to not have a period and I have been stressed about it. Working on getting the right diet and fueling my body at the right time has really made a big difference. I am feeling much better, have more energy and feel healthy again. I have also experienced that my performance fluctuated through my cycle and just before I got my period I felt really bad for example. But then during ovulation I felt great! And I think this information is really valuable for us women. The men don’t experience this. We can actually use this as an advantage to plan our training around the cycle and get the most out of it! That’s pretty cool and I am looking forward to work more on this”

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