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Triathlon Specific Performance Nutrition
In Association with Dr. Finbar Mc Grady

Nutrition is often touted as being the fourth leg of a triathlon, but we disagree. From our years of experience in sports performance nutrition we believe it’s the first thing to consider.

Training for a triathlon can be one of the most complex training schedules we see, double if not triple training days are a common occurrence and the ability to juggle three disciplines can be a difficult endeavor. So why make it even more complicated by leaving your nutrition to chance? 

Common issues we see with triathletes coming on-board:

  • Digestive distress due to compromised gut health
  • Regular sickness and taking longer to recover from illnesses
  • Fatigue both in and out of training
  • Body composition discrepancies – increasing body fat despite higher training loads or losing lean muscle mass due to an incorrect weight loss regime
  • Stagnant or lack of improvement despite a higher training load
  • Poor sleep 
  • Low mood and irritability
  • Difficulty fueling early morning sessions

What you’ll learn while on the program:

  • What it takes to fuel your body leading to improved energy levels across the board.
  • How to effectively reach your body composition goals while improving lean muscle mass
  • How to time your nutrients around the specific demands of your training to effectively fuel your training and maximise recovery
  • Understanding understand blood sugar imbalances that lead to sugar cravings and how to eliminate these
  • How to create simple, fool-proof recipes which you can adapt to suit your preferences
  • Hydration strategies for varying training and event conditions

We also have the expertise of medical doctor and elite triathlete, Dr. Finbar McGrady, who has spent days in the lab testing our nutrition principles and ergogenic aids. So you can be confident in our recommendations with all the data from his findings available to you. Here’s what to expect from Dr. Finbar’s collaboration:

  • Train your body to burn fat as fuel during an endurance event
  • Manage your training for running, biking and swimming with a variety of example schedules
  • Training and race day tips to ensure smooth transitioning with proper technique

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