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Effective nutrition & fuelling for triathlon training can be one of the most complex across all sport, which is why we see it’s negative effects so often in the clinic. 

Informed by science, proven on the road with high performance athletes.

Our team of nutritionists at Athlete Nutrition Coach have vast experience working with high performance multisport athletes and our individualised programmes are proven with multiple podiums at the highest level from European  and Word Duathlon, IRONMAN right up to KONA world championships. 

New to Triathlon – Our team have also helped hundreds of amateur athlete and newbies get across the Ironman line so they too can say “I am an IRONMAN”



Take the guesswork our of Multisport: 

 Our programme:

  • Train your body to become metabolically flexible and become a dual fuel burner.
  • With our simple colour coded meal plans get a better understanding of nutrient timing. How to time your nutrients around the specific demands of your training to effectively fuel your performance and maximise recovery.
  • Improve you body composition by increasing lean muscle mass and specifically targeting weight loss from fat.
  • Understanding understand blood sugar imbalances that lead to a hypo state and initiate a drop off in performance.
  • Pre event fuelling strategies like “low Residue” water manipulation to further reduce weight.
  • Hydration strategies for varying training and event conditions
  • WADA approved ergogenic aid testing and implementation.
  • Reduce the level of fatigue by increasing testosterone and libido.
  • Remove GI upset at the later stages of event day. 

Common issues we see with triathletes coming on-board:

  • Digestive distress due to compromised gut health
  • Regular sickness and taking longer to recover from illnesses
  • Fatigue both in and out of training
  • Body composition discrepancies – increasing body fat despite higher training loads or losing lean muscle mass due to an incorrect weight loss regime
  • Stagnant or lack of improvement despite a higher training load
  • Poor sleep 
  • Low mood and irritability
  • Difficulty fueling early morning sessions


Join countless athletes who use this approach to nutrition and take control of your performance

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