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Welcome to our Endurance Specific Performance Nutrition For Triathlon, Iron Man, Cycling, Running, Mountain Biking & Back To Performance. By Qualified Nutritionists, Medical Doctor, award winning physiotherapist and proven on elite international athletes.

Be optimum with our specific iron man & triathlon specific performance nutrition plan with triathlon lead and medical doctor Dr. Finbar McGrady

It’s been an epic year working with our in-house team and our developer in the USA and we are delighted to announce we are now ready to launch Nutrition Pro Coach over the weekend. For over a year now we have been in the back ground building information, compiling data, exhausting market research, beta testing our application with athletes and working with and testing via our team of elite international athlete leads, nutritionists, physiotherapists and medical doctor at Nutrition Pro Coach.

Firstly our market research was hugely valuable in the design concept as it really gave us a platform to base our project. Our market research objective was to be able to offer the athlete enough easy to access information on performance nutrition and effective, science and evidence based supplementation in a format that was instantly accessible. The feedback that returned from the data collection gave us much to process and analyse so we were confident in our direction before formulating our beta version before preparing and presenting the project our athlete leads to test.

At this point our nutritionists wanted medical approval on the data content and acquired the professional services of long term client Dr. Finbar McGrady (elite athlete, European silver medallist and medical doctor) to approve our programme for  “doctor approved stamp” which was important to us. We also wanted to address pain and inflammation leading to injury and wanted to bring in a leading physiotherapist so we then brought on board  David Roche MSc from the award winning Roche Injury Clinic as Lead Sports Medicine Consultant on the “return to performance” programme

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Market research analytics (What you wanted)

  • A simple solution that removes “fad” advice (by far the most requested across male and female athletes)
  • Supplement use
  • Digestive Issues during intense blocks
  • The timing of foods and how to prep easy
  • Address female specific nutrition
  • Effective weight loss from fat not muscle
  • Athlete sickness and immune suppression
  • Accurately fuelling training and racing
  • Dealing with poor recovery and fatigue

Beta testing analytics (What they wanted improved )

Once the app and supporting information was compiled it went for beta testing and the beta athletes flagged the following additions

  • Add daily guides so simple daily guide tasks
  • Have supplement reminders added to the app
  • Increase from an eight week plan to 12 week plan
  • Create three separate phases to build on  
  • Include in app video support and advice
  • In app messaging from client to nutritionist for basic queries
  • Extras, so we call them pro tips which are pro tips from the elite and professional athletes at no extra cost
  • List clearly what you can and can’t eat and add shopping lists
  • Add a build to your event/season phase
We have created a MASSIVE mountain bike specific plan and pro biking tips with U21 World Enduro EWS Champion Killian Callaghan and had an epic time doing it

So now,

  • App finished,
  • Videos shot and edited
  • Pro tips dialled in
  • Nutritionists approved,
  • Doctor approved,
  • Physiotherapist approved,
  • Concept and nutritional principles proven on elite international athletes,
  • 24 hour support via our apps messaging centre
  • Support documentation uploaded in app
  • Beta testers advice 100% completed and up-dated  
  • Market research analytics taken on board and applied

So what is in the app

All programme’s designed by leading nutritionists, medical doctor and award winning physiotherapists, proven and tested on elite and international athletes. The Nutrition Pro Coach app has full integration with Fitbit or apple health devises and Nutrition Pro Coach is a three month fully supported educational solution for a once off fee of €129.

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The programme is delivered via the Nutrition Pro Coach App with supporting documentation, pro tips from pro athletes and video links delivered directly to your device targeted uniquely at individual sports including triathlon, cycling, running, mountain biking and our hugely popular return to performance

The app contains multiple key educational video from our in-house medical doctor, nutritionists and other specialist collaborators outlining key elements of the app protocols and advise on pro tips to improve your performance in your specific sport

The app uses our innovative colour coded meal plans and supporting meal selection guide with example meals to make nutrient timing simple and visual. This allows you to choose the right foods at the right times based on your activity levels and separates rest and training days while also taking into account morning vs evening training.

We start with your task document which individualises your plan based on your energy availability, physical activity level and body composition goals, be that to lose weight or increase lean muscle mass. Calculation for both male and female athletes

Once you’ve completed your personalised numbers the app allows you to track a wide range physical health parameters including weight, waist, body fat index, blood pressure, urine PH, Ketones, pain index monitor, bowel elimination, sleep, bloods glucose, temperature and meditation depending on what you currently monitor with your coach or GP

Each plan is simply broken into three simple phases which allows you to lean and build as you go without you having to be overconsumed with changes.

Keep track of your water and hydration intake with a simple visual click and track Hydration tracking and monitoring as well as your own individualised hydration calculation for active and non-active days as well as event hydration.

Menus & shopping lists with easy to prep recipes outlined in you “easy guide” you guide to making the most simple and easy prep to enable you to meet your energy demands in no time so you’re doing what you love most “training”.

Track recovery and stress management with our in app meditation section which allows you to set recovery goals so when you go for a nap or massage just hit the tracker and this will give you an accurate picture of recovery volume and in turn aid sleep debt.

Track & report on your daily condition via our innovative click and track and watch your negative incoming symptoms change over the programme to positive gains and feelings which are always very visual in you end of programme report. This report will show for example the fatigue symptom initially being 25% of the time and being reduced to 5% by the end of the three months. Other examples include headache, diarrhoea, constipated, dizzy, full, energetic, clear head, calm, joint pain, anxious, confident depressed, foggy brain and many more.

In app supplement reminders pre programmes based on your key times so you don’t even have to try to remember, another key to our results and compliance and why our beta testers found this plan so easy to follow. This combined with motivational pop up messages each day to improve engagement and compliance for our clients.

Further downloadable material in both PDF & video for education and to individualise your plan becomes available at different points through the plan and not just dropped in all at once. This video are by the athletes who talk you through the tasks and the benefits of adding these to your training schedule.

In app messenger and image transfer. You have some access to a nutritionist be that to simply ask a question or share an image of a meal to make sure its correct.

Pro tips directly from the qualified nutritionists, physios and a medical doctor as well as key tips on PDF and video directly from the athletes.

Once your programme is finished your will receive a full report to your email on everything tracked.

Individual or group, if you’re an individual and you want the programme that’s no problem also If you’re a club, group, training buddies or a PT, Doctor, Coach and want to add nutrition to your team talk to us about our group rates and discount codes.

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To order the Nutrition Pro Coach programme

You order the programme through the website www.nutritionprocoach.com Choose your specific sport and then download the app from the app store. We will request your details to set up your app and then supply your with your unique password to enable you to access your new individualised programme that we are sure will make a massive improvement to your sporting performance.

If you have any queries about groups or clubs or anything at all email win@athletenutritioncoach.com